About Us

We are a typesetting/design house located in Chennai, India.

If it's got something to do with publishing in print or online, you will find us doing it!

You will find that we are a committed, responsible, hard-working, positive thinking group of people.

You will notice that we take pride in our performance,  persistent in our efforts, while never making compromises.

You will find us offering services of value, giving more than what we get, and always striving for excellence.

Our primary focuses are:

Delivering highest-quality & cost-effective solution for your needs;

Flexibility to adapt to your specific goals and requirements;

To build an efficient process to reuse and retain best practices.

We address each client's needs individually. We believe that when you discover the value you will be getting, you will find our rates reasonable, our work excellent, professional and on time.

In short, we have what it takes for our companies to win! Contact us. Now!